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Library Policies Rules

Library Policies and Procedures

  • Check-Out for each Grade Level:
    • Kindergarten and 1st Grade are allowed to check out one book at a time, and must leave their books at school.
    • Students in grades2- 3may check out one book at a time and take it home with them.
    • 4th - 5th grade students may earn the privilege of checking out 2 books at a time. They may take their books home with them.
  • Families are encouraged to visit the library and borrow books before school on Thursdays and Fridays and after school Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Books circulate to students for one week. Parents may check out 10 books at a time.
  • Books may be renewed once without our seeing them, but after that must be brought to the library to be renewed.
  • The library staff reserves the right to set limits on the number of high demand books that may be borrowed and/or renewed.
  • We suggest that students keep their library books in their backpack, handle them carefully, and accept responsibility for returning them in as good condition as when they borrowed them.
  • Parents and children are responsible for lost or damaged books .Report cards may be withheld from students owing for books at the end of the year.

Taking Care of Library Books

To avoid losing or damaging books, please remember:

  1. Don't leave books in your car!
  2. Keep your books inside!
  3. Keep books away from pets!
  4. Keep books away from babies and little kids!
  5. No eating while reading!
  6. Be sure your hands are clean!
  7. Protect your books from bad weather!
  8. Don't mix your school books with your books at home!
  9. Never lay a book face down or crease a page; use a book mark to save your place.
  10. Store your books in your BACKPACK when you're not reading them!

Library Rules:

L- Listen to the librarian

I- Inquire (ask) if you have a question

B- Be respectful of others

R- Return books to their proper location

A- Always walk in the library - no running!

R- Read and talk quietly

Y- Your manners are appreciated!