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Instructional Leadership Council (ILC)

Instructional Leadership Council (ILC)

The Armijo Instructional Council (IC) includes the Principal, a Federation representative elected by Federation members at the school, teachers elected by teachers, and a parent representative of the school parent body recognized by the school, and may include representatives of other bargaining units as defined in their respective negotiated agreements, and any other personnel and/or students deemed appropriate by the ILC and elected by their constituent group.

Armijo ILC Effective Team Meetings

Effort are making a difference in the lives of students at Armijo Elementary School.

  • System is used for monitoring progress on implemented action plans and solutions.

  • Agenda is used to guide meeting topics.

Armijo Instructional Council Mission Statement

The school community is building for the future as Armijo Elementary School and beyond. We focus our leadership through action. We make positive changes through reflection. We guide curriculum decisions with student success as our collective goal.


ILC Membership
ILC Role Member Name
Chair Isaac Ybarra
Teacher Leader Facilitator Maria Jara-Ruiz
Special Education Elizabeth Capper
Kindergarten/1st Grade Sonya Duran
2nd Grade/3rd Grade Darlene Rivera-Carlos
4th Grade/5th Grade Barbara Lopez
Educational Assistant Maria Torres
Specials Teacher Amy Nims
ATF Union Ashley Costello
Principal Angelica Portillo