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Dual Language


Synopsis of DL & E+ Programs

Dual Language

Parents with children from any language background may select this option. This choice is a long-term commitment (K-5) since the benefit of Dual Language education takes 5-8 years to fully develop. Students who do not have any Spanish language ability are not accepted into this program after Kindergarten. Fluctuations in enrollment may be cause for the administration to determine if students must be exited from the Dual Language program.  In this event the school will utilize a placement criteria developed for the Dual Language Program.

Goals: Students will become bilingual and bi-literate and will achieve proficiency in all academic subjects in Spanish and English.

Program design:  Children study and learn in both English and Spanish.  We employ the 90/10 model. Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade are instructed primarily in Spanish, with one period per day in English.  In 2nd and 3rd grade the percentage of Spanish instruction is reduced by 10% each year while the percentage of English instruction is increased by 10%.  By 4th and 5th grades students are instructed 50% in Spanish and 50% in English. Students are expected to reach grade level standards in Reading, Writing, and Math in BOTH languages by the end of fifth grade.  English dominant, Spanish dominant and bilingual students work together, learning from each other.


English Plus

In the English Plus strand, students study academics primarily in English.  In this strand, only students who have Spanish designated as a home language on their registration card will receive Spanish Language Arts and culture instruction from a bilingual resource teacher for 45 minutes per day. If your child does not have Spanish home language indicated, he/she will NOT receive Bilingual classes.

Goals: Students will achieve proficiency in all academic subjects in English while maintaining and improving their Spanish language abilities.

Program design:  Children spend most of their day studying and learning in English.  For 45 minutes each day students also attend a Spanish Language Arts class for instruction in Spanish language and literacy.  Themes include grade level Science and Social Studies standards. Assessments on grade level standards for Reading, Writing and Math are done only in English. Teachers differentiate instruction to provide learning opportunities appropriate to students’ differing stages of Spanish Language Acquisition and Literacy levels.