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Dress Code Policy

22-23 Uniform Dress Policy 


1. IF NOT IN UNIFORM, THEY WILL BE GIVEN A CHANGE OF CLOTHES and parents will be called.  



• Pants  - Pants are to be straight-legged, pleated or plain front and fitted at the waist. Pants can be  black, khaki, navy blue, or denim. The pants must not be too tight or too baggy. No extra wide legs or pockets, excessively baggy, dropped crotch, saggy, ripped or “skaters” pants. No leggings  allowed, unless underneath a skirt or shorts. Jeans only allowed on spirit days

  • No leggings allowed unless under a uniform skirt

• Shorts/Skorts  - Same guidelines as the pants except that they can be no longer than the knee and no shorter than two inches above the knees. 

• Skirts/Jumpers  - Skirts/Jumpers will be pleated or straight in black, khaki, navy color or denim;  Wrap-around skirts are not acceptable. Skirts/Jumpers will be no shorter than two inches above the  knee. Please do not wear skirts or jumpers on days that PE is scheduled. 

• Shoes - Students may wear shoes of their choice on most days. On days that students have PE, they  must wear tennis shoes. Sandals, flip-flops, or dress shoes on PE days are unsafe, and your child  may be asked to sit out. Shoes with wheels on the bottom, sometimes called “Heelies” are not  allowed at Armijo unless the wheels are removed and left at home. 

• Shirts/Blouses - Must be Polo-style, have collar, and be a solid color. May be long sleeved or  short sleeved, must be tucked in at all times. Shirts/Blouses will not be sheer or transparent materials. No blouses or T-shirts may be worn unless it is a special spirit day.

• Hoodies/Sweatshirts - May be worn but hood must be off of head in any school building 

• Face make-up/face paint - Students are not allowed to wear face paint/designs on their face as it can be a distraction from learning.  

• No Caps- in the building. Caps can be used for sun protection outside. 

• Mondays - Mondays are AVID Mondays in which students may wear their favorite High School or University t-shirt along with jeans  (no saggy, ripped or baggy jeans)

• Fridays – Fridays are “Roadrunner Spirit Days” in which students may wear jeans that follow the guidelines above (no saggy, ripped or baggy jeans) and an “Armijo” shirt.  Some Fridays we will have spirit days such as crazy hair day, mismatch day, superhero day, etc.  Students are not allowed to wear costumes on these days (Spirit Days info will be posted on Class Dojo).  If a student does not wish to wear jeans and an Armijo t-shirt, he/she will be expected to follow the uniform policy. Jeans can only be worn on Spirit Days.