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Volunteer Opportunities

We invite you to check with Esther Dean, our Title I Parent Liaison, for options on ways to work with our school community.

Parent Involvement Events

Parent Conferences – Fall and Spring

Explora Family Evening

Creating Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Family Library Afternoons

Book Fair

Dr. Seuss Night

Science Fair

Parents as Partners in Education

Attend Instructional Council Meetings

Participate in our Educational Plan for Success (EPSS)

Co-Plan the Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Armijo Title I Policy

Armijo Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Our purpose for the Parent Involvement Policy is to increase parent awareness in instructional practices, community resources, and volunteer opportunities. We want parent involvement in family events, student achievement, and planning our Title I policy

Title I Annual Meeting/Open House

Title I Annual Meeting/Open House

Learn parent rights and responsibilities, Title I Funding, and meet your child’s teacher

ESL and GED Classes

Please stop by the office for schedules and APS school locations. There are currently opening for ESL classes

Armijo Communication

Please stay in communication. Contact us:

1440 Gatewood Rd. SW

Phone: 877-2920

Fax: 877-5613

Community Coordinator - Ruby Sanchez-Davenport

Community Coordinator Room Open Daily

Room 200 - Please sign in at office


Additional Communication


Teacher Emails on website or request in office

Parent Conferences

Progress Reports

Parent Office Bulletin Board Newsletters